Cumberland Group offers solutions in seven different areas: cloud services enablement, software-defined everything, converged infrastructure, physical datacenter services, always-on environments, user mobility, and information security.

Divided into these seven areas, our solutions cover the full spectrum of core technology service needs. Because our process carefully analyzes what is best for our clients and tailors recommended options, each domain offers countless opportunities for robust, transformative results.  Our end-to-end process that incorporates technical expertise at every stage ensures an IT strategy across all relevant domains that is fully aligned with your business strategy.

From cloud services and the plethora of hybridization options available, to the multiple possibilities that enhance computing flexibility and mobility, Cumberland Group has options and will pinpoint exactly what will help you do IT better. 

It's Time to Do IT Better

IT Service Delivery

IT Service Delivery

Information Security

Information Security

Cloud Service



Physical Datacenter

Resiliency &

Mobility &

Software Defined Everything

Software-defined networking, infrastructure as code, and now operations as code are all changing the way in which technology services are provided and consumed. A cornerstone of cloud-style service delivery is the abstraction of the service layer out of the physical hardware/software in use.

Converged Infrastructure

The legacy silos of network, storage, and compute must be torn down. In today’s service-driven environment, a converged approach to infrastructure-as-a-service is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. 

Physical Datacenter Services

Robust technology service delivery begins with the physical infrastructure foundation.  Whether building, growing, moving, or leaving, we have expertise in all facets of the underlying physical footprint.

Always-on Environments --- Resiliency & Recovery

There are two fundamental approaches to service availability: preventing failures or recovering from one. From high velocity transactional environments to big data analytic farms, our resiliency and recovery experts cover the full spectrum from always-on environments to legacy tape requirements and solutions.

User Computing, Mobility & Productivity

User productivity encompasses the myriad ways in which essential job functions are enabled and done. Our solutions for secure and robust mobility, virtual end-points, application distribution, and abstractions are all targeted at the same goal: enable users to safely and effectively do their jobs efficiently.

Cloud Service Enablement

Whether private, public, hybrid, or SaaS, cloud-style services are becoming the norm.  More and more, technology consumers are expecting self-service, ubiquitous access, on demand to the capabilities they want—all in in real-time.  Our Cloud Service Enablement solutions enable the transformation into a cloud-style service model with or without conventional “cloud” solutions in the mix