In order for it to be transformative, integration can’t be an afterthought. At Cumberland Group, we are thinking about it from the very beginning.

We believe technology has the power to revolutionize a business. That’s a bold statement that is only realized when it’s approached correctly. It must be the right technology along with the right operating model optimized specifically for that business. It must also be meticulously planned from the beginning and then executed with precision. That’s the Cumberland Group difference.

Integration is the glue that connects the theoretical capabilities to your actual value.  From the time we begin your project, we are already considering how potential solutions might be integrated and the evolution that may be necessary. Our technical teams are involved at every phase, ensuring that advice is more than just theory and that your solutions and plan can be fully realized. It’s this beginning-to-end, deliberate full-lifecycle perspective that puts our clients in the driver’s seat.