Cumberland Group’s approach to advice is a three-pronged process of discovery, analysis, and design.

At Cumberland Group, we understand the multiple stressors challenging modern business. Improving agility and efficiency in the face of rising costs and shrinking resources is today’s corporate reality. Our method starts with listening to our clients to learn where they are and where they want to be. 

We ask questions that dig to heart of the challenges and unveil otherwise hidden opportunities. We ask, “Why?” and carefully guide you through that answer, because the WHY will script the roadmap that defines WHAT and HOW. Our goal is to find the simplest, smartest, most appropriate  IT solutions for you, and that means taking the time to assess your business, your frustrations, your opportunities, and your objectives. 



The advice you get is the result of a true evaluation of how your current business technology is working—where it’s successful and where it’s faltering—against how your business as a whole operates and wants to operate. It also weighs the advantages and disadvantages of changes before we make those suggestions.  And most importantly, Cumberland Group brings the perspective of how similar organizations are addressing comparable challenges and new opportunities.

This business-service, workload-centric approach analyzes and balances the need, value, and solution—including the effect these aspects have on your business—to develop the right plan for your organization.